July HERBAL WALK at Wyld Court Herbs
July being pretty much the height of Summer is a great time to be out and about in the countryside seeing what plants are in our immediate surrounding and connecting with them.  We will be deepening our knowledge on how to identify them, what their habits are and their therapeutic use both today and historically. […]
Herbal Walk at Bucklebury Common
Join me for a morning of exploring the world of plants on our doorstep at Bucklebury Common gaining an understanding on how to identify local plants and use them therapeutically. The walk will also be a great opportunity to meet like minded people to share insights and knowledge on the world of plants, the natural […]
Greater Mullein or Verbascum thaspus Lat.
Of the many varieties of Mullein which can be used medicinally, the one most commonly referred to is Verbascum thaspus as seen in this photo. The recorded use of Mullein as a herbal remedy dates as far back as 2000 years with Dioscorides mentioning it as a treatment for pulmonary complaints. It is still used for the […]